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Felicia Manchester: Sexy Women Smoke Cigars

A Sexy, Sensual Guide to Cigars and the Women Who Love Them

2018. október 15. - The Cigarmonkeys

51hdrbfxf9l.jpgWhich cigar is best for beginners? Which accessories should every cigar smoker have in Popular Culture? What are the drinks that pair best with cigars? Where to find female cigar lounges? Where do female cigar smokers hang out online and offline? These questions and more are answered by Felicia Manchester in one of the bestselling Consumer Guides entitled; Sexy Women Smoke Cigars: A Sexy, Sensual Guide to Cigars and the Women Who Love Them.

Cigar smoking has always been attributed as a male hobby or activity and women who expressed how wonderful it is used to be shunned. However, that is now the past as over the years, the number of female cigar smokers have risen. As a testament to this, many cigar lounges are trying to make their premises more female friendly.

Sexy Women Smoke Cigars recognizes that more and more women are taking up the habit of cigar smoking and serves as a useful resource to help them navigate through the world of cigar smoking. A lot of beginners don't know where to begin and this book will prove to be the guide for starting cigar smokers.

In this book, women will learn

- the history of the cigar
- the difference between cigars and cigarettes
- the health benefits of cigars vs cigarettes
- the cigar smoking fetish
- the places on web to find cigar-smoking females (sites, Facebook Groups, etc)
- the best cigars to start with
- the needed cigar smoking accessories
- the different ways to cut a cigar
- the ways to find a female friendly cigar lounge
- the cigar lounges that are female friendly
- the best wine to pair with cigars
- the best spirits to pair with cigars


Overall, it is a nod to the women who want to venture into cigar smoking. The world is changing and more women are enjoying the habit mostly enjoyed by men in the past. Even the most notable of female personalities aren't shy about their love for the cigar – Claudia Schiffer, Sharon Stone and Heidi Klum, just to name a few. And the rise of female cigar smokers is something that Felicia Manchester has noted and has decided to address.

The book is made to be a guide to show women that they are not alone in their love of the cigar – that other women are enjoying the habit as well. Every beginner may find it hard to gain a footing, but it is to make this process a lot more easier that this book was made for.

Felicia Manchester demonstrates knowledge on cigar smoking as well as the cigar smoking industry. She encourages women to take up the act and provides a wealth of information to use to make their experience the best one possible.

Sexy Women Smoke Cigars is dedicated to all the females who need a quick start guide into the world of cigar smoking. They will learn the ropes – from the history of the cigar down to the places on the web where female cigar smokers can be found.


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