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Szivarkóstolás - Macanudo - Inspirado Mareva

Egy szálas dominikai szivar Humi-Pack csomagolásban

2019. április 08. - Cigar Man

  Macanudo is the name of a cigar brand produced by the General Cigar Company in the Dominican Republic. It is noted for its mild flavor and lite Connecticut shade wrapper, but is also available in a darker maduro wrapper. Macanudo was originally the name of a frontmark produced in Guatemala by…


Ashton - La Aroma de Cuba - San Cristobal

Robert Levin and Sathya Levin - Ashton Distributors, Inc.

Founded in 1985 by Robert Levin, Ashton Distributors, Inc. is family-owned and operated with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Handmade in the Dominican Republic in the legendary Tabacalera A. Fuente factory. Robert Levin and Sathya Levin   Ashton expanded its portfolio in the…


Arielle Ditkowich egy Lány aki Nagyon Szerette a Szivart

Arielle Ditkowich, aka the Mermaid, is the owner of La Sirena Cigars

  If you have ever had a La Sirena cigar you will understand the passion Arielle has for cigars. Based out of NYC, La Sirena Cigars was established in 2009 and has been wholly owned since by Arielle Ditkowich, aka the Mermaid since 2014. The creation of the brand was the result of a chance meeting…


A White Owl Cigar Falra Festett Hirdetései Amerikában

White Owls are American-made, machine produced cigars. The logo consists of a snowy owl perched on a cigar. The brand is owned by Swedish Match. White Owl is a cigar first produced in 1887. In 1985, production was moved from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. to Dothan, Alabama. They are made with a sheet-type…