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La Palina Cigar - Bill Paley

2018. december 11. - Cigar Man

William C. Paley and the La Palina Cigars


William C. Paley - La Palina Cigar

La Palina is a brand of American cigars which is of particular note in the history of radio and advertising. The Congress Cigar Company (run by Sam Paley, father of CBS founder William S. Paley) sponsored Kate Smith's first CBS radio network program Kate Smith and Her Swanee Music. Sam Paley's…


Louis Finklestein tervei a La Palinának

La Palina Cigars | Brand Development

La Palina CigarsMr. Pailey is reclaiming his families business which lost its identity over the years via other owners. He came to SCAD to produce solidifed high class concepts which meet his demographic’s demands and establish a strong direction for La Palina.


William Paley a La Palina tulajdonosa szivarozik az édesapjáról elnevezett parkban

Samuel Paley Park with La Palina Cigars, and Cigar Rights of America /May 22, 2015

John Walder Photography   William C. Paley, La Palina Cigars, and Cigar Rights of America host the 5th annual legal outdoor cigar smoking event in counterpoint to the banning of smoking in New York City's public parks.