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Steven Cigale . Szivarkés

Les Fines Lames

2019. január 02. - The Cigarmonkeys


Solloshi - Cronus Asztali Szivarka vagy Cigaretta Tartó - Ára több mint 2 Millió

Cronus-Desktop Cigarillo Holder - 7.500 Euro Production takes place in Hungary at an extremely small number of painstakingly selected suppliers and metalworking experts, all under the strictest quality standards. Each piece goes through a unique and time consuming CNC machining procedure which is then always followed by…


El Purista - Szivarfotel

The armchair is made of molded beech and walnut wood, and offers the cigar aficionado a personal retreat to relax and smoke. Rodrigo Gonzalez, an architect from Chile, and Alexander Sauer, a lawyer from Germany, made it to maximize the cigar-smoking experience for El Purista. The arms are made with…